Radio interview: How to select a good multifamily property?


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ForbesBooks Radio Interview

Helen Chong was interviewed by ForbesBooks Radio to talk about her company, Haylen Group, help her clients to build their real estate portfolio starting from their primary home all the way to Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate. For real estate coaching:

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Brighten your home = Higher Selling Price!

Before selling your home, you should talk to an experienced real estate agent on how to increase your property value with the most economical investment! I have seen too many times when sellers spend too much prior to selling where their investment did not yield appropriate return. Here are a...

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Location! Location! Location!

You can build the perfect home - the perfect floor plan, the perfect property, the perfect everything - but if it is in an undesirable location, it will be worth far less than the exact same home built in a desirable location.  So what makes a desirable location? Here are...

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Real Estate Company Founder Who Defied Long Odds Shares Her Story with Forbes’ Speakers Network

Helen Chong Announced as Official ForbesSpeaker This release is posted on behalf of ForbesSpeakers (operated by Advantage Media Group under License.) NEW YORK (January 13, 2020) – Helen Chong, Founder of real estate firm Haylen Group, focusing on real estate investments, today announced that she is joining ForbesSpeakers, the official...

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Tips when making competitive offers

When you are purchasing a home, contract and price negotiations are a key part of the transaction: Be quick to respond to counteroffers - Delays in responding leave space open for another buyer to step in and create a bidding war. Get help from your real estate agent - Take...

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Open House Tips

Open houses are a great way to learn about different neighborhoods and their price ranges. To share with you a few tips when walking through Open Houses: 1) Don't be afraid to ask questions to learn about houses.  Even it is not the right floor plan for you, you can...

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Forbes Blog – Should You Invest in Apartment Buildings or Single-Family Homes?

POST WRITTEN BY Helen Chong Helen Chong is the founder and CEO of Haylen Group and an official ForbesSpeaker. I speak with many investors who are interested in investing in single-family homes. Many investors find increasing their portfolio beyond five-unit apartment buildings a bit daunting. However, once you understand the differences between...

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Forbes Blog – The 6 Steps to Create a Real Estate Investing Road Map

POST WRITTEN BY Helen Chong Helen Chong is the founder and CEO of Haylen Group and an official ForbesSpeaker. When I speak at conferences and workshops, I meet countless people hoping to invest in real estate. They recognize the amazing opportunities and benefits that make real estate more attractive than...

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Installing water filters in your home for safe drinking!

Water filters are commonly use in every household.  There is a wide selection out on the market.  It can be as simple as using Brita and filter as you drink, or there are systems that include reverse osmosis and install by your kitchen faucet.  Some people would even install water...

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