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Anthony Wong



Anthony was born in Hong Kong and raised in the Bay Area by his two immigrant parents. Growing up he was strongly influenced by his parents, who knew very little English but still managed to become business owners in the U.S. through hard work and sacrifice. Throughout his childhood, Anthony had to move several times from one home to another. However, through his parents’ efforts, his family was able to have a permanent roof over their heads after purchasing their first home.

This is why Anthony follows his parents’ belief of “you get what you work for” and challenges himself daily to be the best he can. He values integrity and honesty and believes these qualities are extremely important because lasting relationships are built upon trust. He also understands the sense of security a family can have being able to live in a house they can call their own.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Anthony witnessed the fast-paced changes in our real estate market and how increasingly difficult it may be for young individuals or families to purchase their very first home. He specializes in helping young families make informed decisions throughout the entire home buying process. Buying a home can prove to be quite challenging and overwhelming, but he is committed to providing his skills to make the experience as informative and smooth as possible. Anthony believes homeownership is an essential aspect of the American Dream, as well as a wonderful investment for families and future generations.

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