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robaxin 750 mg no rxREO Before Remodeling  robaxin 750 mg no rxREO After Remodeling

We have worked with several asset managers since 2008 and have successfully selling 100% of all the assigned assets. We make your REO listing beautiful before we sell them!

does robaxin get you high

buy robaxin

We are able to provide the following services for asset managers and lenders:

  • Cooperate with attorneys in eviction if needed.
  • Negotiate CFK with tenants if needed.
  • Turn on and off utilities
  • Schedule to rekey the property
  • Quickly adapt to seller’s system to input all inspection notes, files, pictures, BPOs, contracts…to ensure asset manager has all of the information in one place.
  • Obtain HOA information and build a trusted connection with the proper contact
  • Periodic inspections with many pictures according to the seller’s needs
  • Obtain repair bids
  • Provide recommendation on what needs to be done to obtain the maximum profit for the seller in the shortest period of time
  • Schedule for trash out, rehab, cleaning
  • Walk through with contractors and make sure all work is done
  • Provide detail BPOs quickly
  • Provide and implement the same quality of service to protect my sellers from legal responsibilities per California real estate and disclosure laws.
  • Review all contracts.
  • Negotiate with the buyers and screen all qualifications before submitting offers.
  • Follow thru the entire escrow process with all vendors involved.
  • Submit expenses reports


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